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Real Estate Investment Office – Specializing in Buying Investment Properties.

Rescue Team Properties, commonly known as the We Buy Houses with a Ugly Life Crisis® company, is the number one home buyer in the Midwest. Since beginning its real estate business  in 2010, using We Buy Houses with a Ugly Life Crises message, Rescue Team Properties® Licensees and Distributors have purchased hundreds of properties in the state of Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas. Rescue Team Properties Licensees and Distributor pay cash for all kinds homes whose owners are facing a crisis and need to quickly sell their problem properties. 

Generally our Licensees buy houses in as-is,where-is conditions and then sell or lease them in as-is livable conditions. This process improves neighborhoods and offers great opportunities for first time buyers, renters and real estate investors. With 5 independently operating distributors in 3 states, Rescue Team Properties commits itself to enforcing high ethical standards and systems that result in responsible business practices for distributor using our very personalized marketing message  “We Buy Houses with Ugly Problems and Life Crises.”

We are proud of the service we provide that helps homeowners and people who would like to start their own independently operated real estate investing business.

Rescue Team Properties offers a low-cost fractional licensee ownership opportunity for investors interested in building an independent, real estate business. Our unique fractional licensee ownership model includes proprietary methodologies that our fractional licensee uses to assess homes for purchase, renovation, rents, and resell prices. Our Fractional ownership licensee opportunity also includes mass direct mail, online marketing, and billboard campaigns that achieve quick market awareness and direct selling programs that help fractional owners to identify and locate buyers and investors interested in their territories areas.

Both Full Fractional Ownerships Territory Rights and Limited Licensees are Independently Owned and Operated

Real Estate Fractional Ownership Licensee & Exclusive Territory Opportunities

There are so many great deals out there that it’s common for our fractional owners to buy more foreclosure houses than they have the ability to renovate and sell. This creates an outstanding opportunity for real estate investors looking to purchase excess properties from Rescue Team Properties® fractional ownership licensees. Our independently owned and operated Rescue Team Properties fractional owners licensee’s work with investors in a number of ways.

Some investors just want to build a portfolio of rental homes. By letting Rescue Team Properties  know the types of properties you are looking for, we can help you locate properties that suit your needs, such as “as-is, where-is” or just simple “paint and flooring replacement homes.” Even if you are looking for a finished property (with or without a tenant), Rescue Team Properties can help.

Fractional Ownership Licensee Structures

There are two types of Rescue Team Properties Fractional Ownership opportunities for people interested in building a business based on our real estate investing business fractional ownership model. Our independently owned fractional ownership opportunities give our fractional owners the power to independently operate their very own business.

Our unique real estate investing business fractional ownership opportunities includes a revolutionary software system that our fractional owners use to assess homes for purchase, renovating, leasing, and reselling. It also includes mass advertising through attention getting direct mail, online ads, and billboard campaigns that achieve universal market awareness for our real estate investing business fractional owners quickly. We also have a built in direct selling system that enhances our fractional owners opportunities in real estate by helping fractional owners who already have an interest in specific neighborhoods identify first time home buyers, home buyers and investors.

With tireless support from Rescue Team Properties and our local development mentors, our Rescue Team Properties business fractional owners build house portfolios by purchasing investment grade properties at discounted cash prices. Our fractional owners focus on creating positive equity and cash flow within their territory portfolios by either selling rehabbed properties or holding them as rental homes.

Rescue Team Properties is one of the rare real estate investing business opportunities in professional home buying out there with a business model and support system that really works.

  1. Full Fractional Ownership & Exclusive Territory Rights – Our full-time, independently owned and operated Fractional Owners opportunity is for the person interested in developing a complete real estate investing business. The Full Fractional Ownership & Exclusive Territory Rights starts at $65,000.00 and earns substantial Profit Share & Exclusive Territory rights, owner gets very high profit margin based on the performance of their limited liability company performance. The Fractional Ownership & Exclusive Territory Rights Licensee typically opens an actual territory office location, is the on-site day to day active manager of operations, hires support staff and trains as needed, and continues grow the business accordingly within the defined territory.
  1. Limited Licensing Rights – Rescue Team Properties offers a limited licensing rights are independently owned and operated. The Business, it’s for the person interested in developing a part-time real estate investing business. The Licensing fee starts at $15,000 earns the the 80%/20% Profit Share Split.  The Licensee typically works the business part time out of an single executive style office, or out of their home office, until it grows to become a full-time business with adding additional staff members.

* Full Fractional Owners and Limited Licensee Rights are Independently Owned and Operated.

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When it comes to Fractional Ownership Licensee opportunities in real estate, few offer the successful proven business model and support system of Rescue Team Properties. However, being a Rescue Team Properties / We Buy Houses with an Ugly Life Crisis. Real Estate Investing business is not ideal for everyone. Rescue Team Properties has strict criteria for fractional owners to ensure the ongoing success of our outstanding real estate business fractional ownership licensee model.

To learn more about any of our outstanding opportunities, register online for one of our upcoming business opportunity briefings or contact Rescue Team Properties by calling (918) 409-0063 or by filling out and submitting our contact form!